Government of the Rwandan People in Exile  
 Speech of the President on the occasion of New Year 2019     


My dear Rwandan compatriots,

Dear neighbors and friends of Rwanda,

Allow me to begin this short speech by sending you my best wishes for the new year which is beginning at this very moment.
It would not be superfluous at all to recall that the year of 2018 which is going away, was a time rich in twists and strong emotions. We will only mention here the three most memorable events:
First, the release, even temporary or conditional, of the most emblematic political prisoners of the opposition namely Mrs. Victoire INGABIRE, Mr. Kizito MIHIGO, Miss Diane SHIMA RWIGARA and her mother Adeline MUKANGEMANYI was the highlight of the events that will have profoundly marked this unique political year. Thus, thanks to the exceptional courage of these girls of our nation, we have seen the terror retreat and give a way to the hope that peaceful change is still possible in Rwanda. 
Second, the conflicts now dragged on the public squares, with the neighboring countries of Rwanda, especially the Republic of Burundi, have marked a turning point in the regional diplomacy that no longer supports the evil criminal hide-and-seek game, a trademark of Paul Kagame’s regime! Henceforth, the government of Paul Kagame, -and not Rwanda as a nation- is publicly declared the "enemy" of the Burundian people. The brotherly people of Rwanda shall not be decked out of that dangerous and dishonorable qualifier anymore. The troublemakers will have to be held accountable for their actions in their own name and stop tarnishing the image of our people for selfish and criminal interests.
Third, what seems to be a repair of diplomatic ties between Paris and dictator Paul Kagame, to the detriment of the long-awaited justice, will have awakened us and at the same time informed us that no foreign country, no matter how powerful or even a long-time friend, will be able to guarantee and protect the real and legitimate interests of the Rwandan people. 
On the contrary, Rwanda can only count on the intelligence and determination of its own daughters and sons to effectively resist oppression and to be set free from the tyrannical regime that has been tolerated for almost 25 years.
That is why this coming year of 2019 will be for us the year of unprecedented political change and a reversal of the situation in favor of the liberation of the Rwandan people as well as the decisive pacification of the Great Lakes Region.


Dear Rwandan compatriots,

Put otherwise, our firm commitment is to make 2019 a highly revolutionary year. And this popular revolution we wish you all, is set to go through via three major phases:

(1)The urgent reorganization of the Rwandan democratic opposition, which will see our various political and civil society organizations quickly acquire a new framework of consultation, a clear roadmap and a more representative executive committee.

(2)Then, and if necessary, the determination and establishment of new means of pressure, better coordinated and smarter.

(3)And finally, a real strategy and a real political will to engage the dictator Paul Kagame in talks in order to build together effective and lasting solutions to the major problems that shake our people including:

1)      The opening up of political space 
2)      The release of all political prisoners
3)      The peaceful and dignified return of all Rwandan refugees
My dear compatriots,
Let's us stand up and do everything we can to make 2019 the year of solutions. As you are certainly aware, in order to succeed, everyone will have to agree and shall be ready to make a generous contribution.And in this context, the Government of the Rwandan people in exile that I have the honor to preside will spare no effort to take up the unity of the Rwandan democratic opposition so that this long-awaited constructive revolution take place.

To all of you Rwandan citizens, in the country as in exile, I send my best wishes.

To the peoples of neighboring countries, I wish a peaceful and prosperous year.

To all forces of the Rwandan opposition, RENDEZ-VOUS in KIGALI, before the end of 2019.

Long live the Republic.

May emerge a Modern and Reconciled Rwanda.

Thomas Nahimana,


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