Dictator Paul Kagame is dead or still alive?

Nobody wants to say anything about the whereabouts of Kagame.
Wether alive or dead, countries and Media aren’t allowed to comment on his health.

International media were bribed to shut up as they were duped into believing that saying something in regard to His Excellency PK aka Rwabujindili, can trigger an other genocide 😤😤👎

This is BONGO SANA, because behind the curtains the RPF is killing its victims secretly and slowly.
A third if not Second genocide is in progress and it has been prophesied long time ago.
Leave Padili alone and use your own skills to come to the bottom of the truth.

Whatever happened to the King terrorist is not Good.
If you see an arrogant, criminal, sadistic,Satanic,Tyrant, Dictator, Megalomaniac, Paranoid, Kleptomaniac ( stealing anything even akabanga ka Nyirangarama), Psychopath, ruthless, fearless killer, ……,permanently noisy like a leaking exhaust pipe, …..

I said if you see such a man going in mute mode, don’t blame whoever says he died.
Instead find out what really happened so that you could warn those you care about because when such people get hurt or incapacitated, havoc will follow.
There are so many things happening at home that prove a kind of lawlessness, administrative disorder and crimes that are prelude to a war.
Ignore Padili Nahimana and do your Job.

The official New mask of P.Kagame

The advice I may give to Nahimana is to move to the next level.
He must now gather all evidences and signs of an imminent war and lack of leadership and send a stern warning report to any international institution he believes can intervene in bringing back the safety and pride of Rwandans of all ethnicities.

Tomorrow we don’t want the world Leaders to say they did not know or they were lied to or underestimated the gravity of the strange and extraordinary behavior of our darling of the west and strong man of Central Africa.

Once a Mr world, Mr Rwanda,and Mr Central Africa, he is now behaving like his crown has been withdrawn from him just like that athlete called Armstrong whose eleven crowns ( medals) were withdrawn due to having maliciously doped himself.
We know Miss Rwanda vanished from the Public scene and learned to use a soft language just when he was told that the  » MAPPING REPORT « was about to be used for its original purpose.

We know ICC boss Fathou Bensouda came to warn him about Bosco Ntaganda’s request of pursuing those who had employed and instructed him to massively commit crimes.
We know he vanished after his mad dog James was threatening to kill Dennis Mukwege.

We know Bill Clinton and Tony Blair and even Pastor Rick Warren were abandoning him.
We know he has been chronically sickly for so long
Given his age he might have felt an impact of abandonment and fear of jail, then got depressed, died or got neutralized by his reasoning about his criminal past.

When we are young, we do as we please. We beat others for no reason because our reasoning abilities are immature.
But as we get into the Sixties, reality punches in then we start to regret all the bad things we did.
If there is anyone who fears death, it is a criminal torturer. He has a glance of how death is painful like ,as he practices it on his victims.

My conclusion is either Mr Rwanda has either died, or is playing sick and hide due to what he was told about the Hutu genocide or is depressed by his own criminal past.
This is my personal opinion.
But I won’t attack Nahimana for saying that the Terrorist died ,instead I will spend my energy to penetrate his inner circle and find the truth instead of criticizing those who say he died.
I advise those who are criticizing Nahimana to ignore him and do what you think is noble, pure , true, to those Rwandans who are being killed, dispossessed, tortured, ….

Criticizing is as easy as saying good morning!!!!!!!!!
Many people think criticizing or correcting is a good job. The good job is concept of ideas.
Let’s find out why our President has changed and vanished from the public and decided to cling to TV screens.
Let Nahimana say he died.

But bring your own intelligent version so that we lift you above him( Nahimana).


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