It is time to contribute to the setting up of a radio Thomas NAHIMANA

Freedoms of expression and publishing what people think have been abolished in Rwanda. Rwandans are like prisoners in their country. There is nothing else they are allowed to know expect lies that the regime feeds them with on a daily basis. There is no other broadcaster they can listen to apart from the propaganda Radio Rwanda, responsible for promoting only the rulers’ ideology!

Nowadays as it appears obvious that the regime led by Paul Kagame is determined and geared to strengthening its grip on power by using lies, harassment and extreme ethnic discrimination, all practices aimed at excluding the majority of the Rwandan population from all national opportunities, we do not see how change could come without a communication channel to get to the public our political and innovative ideas and information only corroborated with truth. There is a need for a platform to advocate for justice and restore the dignity of voiceless citizens suffering from atrocious treatments. There is a need of promoting among the youth new ways of democracy and “a solid strategy” of liberating themselves and take charge of campaigning for their human rights without letting violence arise against innocent people.  There is a need for a radio transmitter which would be used to educate Rwandans so they know that Hutu and Tutsi can live together in Rwanda like twins willing and happy to share what the country has as opportunities and help each other instead of being perpetual antagonists as were Cain and Abel.

What is needed to set up that radio?

The required radio would be listened to in every corner of the rural Rwanda. It would not broadcast in FM because the regime in place would not allow us to use its facilities! There is a need of a radio with capabilities of transmitting far away from Rwanda but at the same time able to be listened to by Rwandans living in their country; we need a radio broadcasting in Short Waves. In fact we have completed the feasibility study of the project. What is only needed presently is the funds to implement it.

The funds needed are one hundred thousands dollars (120 000$) for the radio to start effectively and operate successively for 12 months at least. If we could get the indicated amount for example during this month of June 2013, the radio would start broadcasting the following month of July and be accessible by listeners in many African countries and evidently Rwanda.

I am asking those who understand the importance of that radio in promoting the values put forward in liberating Rwandans from fear inflicted by the regime to bring their contribution to this initiative.

Don’t be reluctant or hesitate, come forward, don’t let the month of June end without you bringing your financial contribution. Please don’t keep this information to yourself; share it with your friends and invite them to do the same as you in supporting that radio.

We particularly hope that the Rwandan business people who are well aware of how badly their country is led will be prompted to support our radio. Those worried that the regime might trace them among contributors of the project, we guarantee them total confidentially.

Choose your preferred option (western union, face to face, paypal, …) in contacting us to contribute.


Which account should you use?

In this particular case, you can put your contribution on the account of the organization AIPAD (Association Internationale Paix et Démocratie):

Compte  AIPAD (Association Internationale Paix et Démocratie):

1. RIB: 30003 01020 00037280241 58

2. IBAN: IBAN FR76 3000 3010 2000 0372 8024 158


Thank you in advance and for your understanding.

Father Thomas Nahimana

Telephone: 0033647434465                                                                                          

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