The U.S. government has finally decided to arrest Paul Kagame.

The head of the US  HYPERLINK « » o « More from on War crimes » war crimes office has warned  HYPERLINK « » o « More from on Rwanda » Rwanda’s leaders, including President Paul Kagame, that they could face prosecution at the HYPERLINK « » o « More from on International criminal court » international criminal court for arming groups responsible for atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Stephen Rapp, who leads the US Office of Global Criminal Justice, told the Guardian the Rwandan leadership may be open to charges of « aiding and abetting » crimes against humanity in a neighbouring country – actions similar to those for which the former Liberian president,  HYPERLINK « » o « More from on Charles Taylor » Charles Taylor, was jailed for 50 years by an international court in May.

Rapp’s warning follows a damning  HYPERLINK « » o « More from on United Nations » United Nations report on recent Rwandan military support for M23, an insurgent group that has driven hundreds of thousands of people from their homes since April as it has seized territory in the eastern DRC.

The group is led by Bosco Ntaganda, known as the Terminator, who was indicted by the international criminal court six years ago for war crimes including the forced recruitment of child soldiers. The UN report accuses Rwanda of shielding Ntaganda from justice.

On Saturday,  HYPERLINK « » Washington said it would halt some military aid to Rwanda after the UN report.

The aid freeze and Rapp’s public intervention mark a significant shift away from once-solid US support for Kagame, which was rooted in lingering guilt over international inaction during the 1994 genocide of Rwandan Tutsis.

Rapp, who previously served as chief prosecutor at the Rwanda genocide tribunal and later initiated the prosecution of Taylor over his crimes as president of  HYPERLINK « » o « More from on Liberia » Liberia in supporting rebels in neighbouring  HYPERLINK « » o « More from on Sierra Leone » Sierra Leone, said Rwandan support for M23 and other armed groups « has to stop » because it « maintains the lawlessness and at the end of the day enables the ongoing commission of atrocities ».

« There is a line that one can cross under international law where you can be held responsible for aiding a group in a way that makes possible their commission of atrocities, » he said.

« Charles Taylor never set foot in Sierra Leone, and aided and abetted, and was convicted of aiding and abetting, the Revolutionary United Front with assistance that was substantial and, the judges said, without which the RUF could not have committed the atrocities to the extent they did commit them. Because of that evidence, Charles Taylor was convicted and sentenced to 50 years. »

Rapp said the evidence by the UN group of experts of Rwandan government support for M23 and other armed groups, including sending weapons and troops into the DRC, exposed Kagame and other senior officials to investigation for war crimes.

« At this stage, I’m not sure if we are there in terms of criminal conduct, » he said. « But if this kind of thing continued and groups that were being armed were committing crimes … then I think you would have a situation where individuals who were aiding them from across the border could be held criminally responsible. »

The UN report, by a group of experts appointed by the security council, said it had « found substantial evidence attesting to support from Rwandan officials to armed groups operating in the eastern DRC », including shipping weapons and money to M23 in breach of a UN arms embargo and other sanctions.

« Since the earliest stages of its inception, the group documented a systematic pattern of military and political support provided to the M23 rebellion by Rwandan authorities, » it said.

The report said the Rwandan government gave « direct assistance in the creation of M23 through the transport of weapons and soldiers through Rwandan territory », and recruited Rwandan youths, demobilised ex-combatants and Congolese refugees as M23 fighters.

It also offers evidence of « direct Rwandan Defence Forces (RDF) interventions into Congolese territory to reinforce M23 » and « support to several other armed groups ».

« RDF operational units are periodically reinforcing the M23 on the battlefield against the Congolese army, » it said.

Many M23 members formerly served in another Rwandan-backed militia, the National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP), which was responsible along with other militias for widespread atrocities over several years, including ethnic killings and mass rape. Ntaganda was the CNDP’s military chief.

The experts accuse Rwanda of shielding Ntaganda from prosecution by the ICC for war crimes.

« Rwandan officials have insisted on impunity for their armed group and mutineer allies, including ex-CNDP General Bosco Ntaganda, » they said.

Earlier this week, Kagame denounced western criticism of Rwanda’s role in the DRC and blamed the continuing conflict on foreign powers that « don’t listen », as well as the continuing threat from anti-Tutsi extremist forces, led by Hutus responsible for the  HYPERLINK « » 1994 genocide.

« This problem has not been caused by Rwanda and it has not been abetted by Rwanda, » said Kagame. « Actually the problem of DRC came from outside. It was created by the international community, our partners, because they don’t listen … and in the end they don’t actually provide a solution. They just keep creating problems for us. We know better our problems, we know better about this region’s problems. »

Kagame also denied arming M23.

« The international community was saying that Rwanda is helping rebels, but helping them with what, and for what reason? They say we supply them with ammunition, but these people get guns from the Congolese army. The ammunition they have is from their Congolese armouries, » he said. « We are not supplying even one bullet, we have not and we will not. »

Kagame rejected accusations that Rwanda is shielding Ntaganda from the ICC. He said he told DRC’s government that it should deal with the renegade general, but warned that arresting Ntaganda would only create more conflict.

« After that, members of the international community developed an idea that if Rwanda can’t support them to arrest someone in another country, then they would put us together with those they want to arrest, and this is really how it turned out to be, » he said.

The Rwandan leadership has faced accusations from the UN before, but the latest report has exposed it to unusual public criticism from Washington.

« We have a lot of influence with the Rwandans. We’ve been very supportive of them. We’re prepared to speak frankly to them as we have privately in the past, and now publicly, » Rapp said. « M23 was reinforced by Rwanda, and that has to stop. And that’s the message we’re delivering. »

The US and Britain have long been accused of shielding Kagame from criticism over Rwanda’s support for armed groups in the DRC and its plunder of minerals there.

HYPERLINK « » Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, has been among the Rwandan president’s strongest supporters, praising him as a « visionary leader » for the reconstruction and economic development of his country after the genocide.

Rwanda’s invasion of what was then Zaire in 1996 to clear out refugee camps sheltering armed groups responsible for the genocide two years earlier was quietly backed by Washington and London, which did not challenge a second invasion two years later and Kigali’s attempt to create a proxy administration in eastern DRC using loyal armed groups.

But the solid public support of Kagame grew increasingly difficult to defend given the scale of the suffering in DRC, with hundreds of thousands murdered and millions dying from disease and malnutrition caused by the conflict, and untold numbers of women raped, often repeatedly.

Earlier UN reports accused Kagame’s forces of war crimes, including possibly genocide, in the eastern DRC. Others have criticised the increasingly authoritarian nature of the Rwandan president’s rule, including the effective barring of political opposition.

Source: theguardian

Marc (dimanche, 29 juillet 2012 09:37)

Ariko se aba bapadiri ba barashaka iki kuri Kagame! Bagumye mu matiku yabo bakarangiza ibibazo bafitanye n’abapadiri bagenzi babo na musenyeri i Cyangugu bakareka kwivanga muri politiki batanazi. Ko kagame ashimwa n’isi kuntera yagejejeho u Rwanda, bo bafite bigwi ki? Ese ahubwo ni intumwa zande? Ni iza Kiliziya? Rukokoma?abazungu? Cg shitani? Tomasi na fortunatusi biyitako bakorera kiliziya bakabona udufrw tw’abazungu nyamara ibyabo byaramenyekanye. Tubafata nk’ibisare! Babye nabwo bakorera Twagiramungu baba ari abayobe kuko nawe nta murongo uhamye agenderaho,fin de fin azabataba nkuko yagize abandi. Gusa niba ari n’intumwa za shitani bamwemereye ibyo batazashobora! Revolution nk’iya 59 na jenoside nk’iya 94 ntibiteze kuba tena mu Rwanda. Ahubwo bitegure umunigo wa Shitani.

Samuel (vendredi, 27 juillet 2012 21:40)

Rwose Padiri tomasi urashaka iki kuri Kagame? Ko umaze iminsi umwandagaza mu nyandiko zawe? Jya gukemura ibibazo ufitanye n’abapadiri ba Cyangugu na Musenyeri wawe uhe u Rwanda n’abanyarwanda amahoro. Isi yose ntishidikanya ibyiza Kagame yakoreye abanyarwanda. Ese wowe ukorerande? Kiliziya? Abanyarwanda? Abazungu? Cg Rukokoma? Ntubeshye ko ukorera abanyarwanda kuko wahunze u Rwanda umaze gukora amabi menshi. Mu rwanda nta muntu numwe ukwemera,nabo mukorana ni amaco y’inda umuzungu ntiyakoresha umupadiri w’ikiromoromo nkawe. Nabagukushyigikiye nabo ushuka ko watumwe na Kiliziya,kuko Musenyeri yatinze kukwirukana. Gusa tuziko kiliziya yakwihakanye kera ubu procedures zo kukwirukana zigeze kure Nubwo kiliziya itinze. Ubaye ukorera Rukokoma nabwo waba waratannye kuko nta murongo agira akoreraho. Tomasi ukorera shitani,ngo urashaka ko habaho indi jenoside. Ngo urashaka ko abahutu bikubira ubutegetsi nkaho bagutumye! Vuga ko uri intumwa ya shitani knd witegure ko izakuniga.

Kuki inkotanyi zitamenya abo baruhanye koko! (vendredi, 27 juillet 2012 19:48)

Rose kabuye nawe yakurikiye abandi koko? Biteye agahinda. Ntacyo Kayumba azamuhe akazi.

Umunyamakuru wa BBC (vendredi, 27 juillet 2012 19:20)

Ubuholandi bwahagaritse imfashanyo bwaha u Rwanda, kubera ivyagiriji vyo gufata mu mugongo umugwi urwanya leta ya Kongo.

Ubuholandi bwahora buha u Rwanda amahera imiriyoni zitanu z’ama Euro yo guterera mu ngengo y’imari.

Ibi bigizwe n’ico gihugu, bikurikiye ivyagizwe na leta zunze ubumwe za Amerika mu ndwi iheze, aho zahagarikira u Rwanda imfashanyo y’amahera ibihumbi 200 vy’ama dollar yo gufasha mu rwego rw’igisirikare.

Ubuholandi nico gihugu ca mbere c’i Buraya gifatiye leta y’u Rwanda icemezo kubera ivyagiriji vyo gusoza intambara muri Kongo.

Iki kandi ni ikimenyetso ca mbere ku rwego rw’ubutunzi, cerekana ko Paul Kagame ashobora kuba ariko aratakaza zimwe mu ncuti ziwe z’i Buraya.

Imfashanyo itaja muri leta izobandanya

Ubushikiranganji bw’Ubuholandi bujejwe imigenderanire bwemeje ku butazosubira guha u Rwanda amahera imiriyoni 5 z’ama euro, gushika rutomoye neza uko ibintu vyifashe.

Iyi ngingo ije nyuma y’icegeranyo c’abahinga ba ONU, cagirije u Rwanda gufata mu mugongo umugwi w’abarwanyi wa M23 mu buseruko bwa Kongo.

Ayo mahera yatangwa n’Ubuholandi, yakoreshwa mu guteza imbere urwego rw’ubutungane, ariko Ubuholandi buzobandanya gushigikira ibigo bitegamiye leta bikorera mu Rwanda.

U Rwanda rumenyesha ko rwababajwe n’ingingo nk’iyo ifatiwe ku bintu vy’ibinyoma.

Umushikirananji ajejwe imigenderanire w’u Rwanda, Louise Mushikiwabo, yavuze ko u Rwanda rwariko rurabonana n’abahinga ba ONU banditse ico cegeranyo, ngo rubereke ko ivyo banditse ata shingiro bifise.

Ngo kuba iyo ngingo ifashwe ubu, birababaje kuko ukuri kutaraja ahabona.

Umugwi M23 urwanya leta ya Kongo, uvuga ko ushaka ibiganiro na leta y’ico gihugu, kuko itakurikije amasezerano yo ku tariki 23 z’ukwa Gatatu 2009, ari naho izina ry’uwo mugwi riva.

Hutupower (vendredi, 27 juillet 2012 00:06)

Umva sha mwabambari ba kagame mwe!!

Ibyo mukora nibyo muvuga bifite impamvu ibibatera kandi namwe ubwanyu iyo mpamvu ntimuyizi none reka nyibabwire kandi muhite mugira ubwoba maze mwihutire kujya gusenga Imana kuko ntayandi makiriro mufite:

uyu kagame kubera ko umutwe we udakora neza shitani yasanze ariwe muntu wenyine ushobora kuyikorera ibikorwa byo kwica abanyafrika benshi kugirango iyo shitani ibone amaraso yo kunywa ndetse n’inyama zo kurya… donc bill clinton n’umwe muntumwa nkuru zikorera shitani hano kw’isi, uyu rero nawe kugirango ibikorwa shitani iba yamutumye bibashe kugerwaho nawe bimusaba gukoresha abantu bibigoryi nka kagame we amadayimoni mabi ashobora kwinjiramo maze akamukoresha ibyo ashatse byose kandi we ntiyigere abitekerezaho cg ngo abone ko arimo gukora ibidakorwa!

ubusanzwe iyo umuntu muzima amashitani amwenjiyemo kugirango amukoreremo uwo muntu ahita abimenya maze byaba ngombwa agahita ajya gusenga Imana kugirango imufashe kumwirukanamo ayo mashitani! kagame we rero bill clinton yamubwiye ko niyemera kumufasha kwica abanyafrika benshi kandi agahera kubwoko bwe n’inshuti n’abavandimwe be ibyo bizatuma akira cyane agahebuza. Mwibuke ko aherutse kwivugira kuri france 24 ko afite ibyo yifuza byose mubuzima bwe?

kagame yarabyemeye ndetse ayo mashitani amukorera mo amutegeka kwica abantu bose bihaye Imana baba abo murwanda no muri congo murwego rwo kwirukana Imana n’ibikorwa byayo aho hantu hombi. ibyo kagame yarabikoze ubwo yicaga abapadiri na bamusenyeri igitarama muri 94. yarakomeje ajya no muri kongo gutsemba abihayimana baho! Mwibuke ko ngo iyo abantu hano kwisi barimo gusenga Imana shitani n’abantu bayo bo baba bari kuribwa umubiri wose kandi ngo bagata umutwe burundu…

ubwo rero namwe abashyigikiye kagame amashitani yamaze kubinjiramo nubwo mudashaka kubyemera kuko ayo madayimoni yamaze kubarusha ingufu murimwe none abakoresha ibyo ashatse byose. Donc iyo murimo kurwanya abantu barwanya ubwicanyi bwa kagame muba namwe mukorera shitani kandi mukaba musigaye mukora ibyo ibategetse gusa.

Ibyo ayo mashitani ashaka ko muyakorera rero nuko muyafasha gukomeza gushyigikira kagame kugirango nawe akomeze yice abantu benshi maze ayo mashitani abone amaraso yo kunywa n’inyama zo kurya.

kandi ikibabaje nuko namwe mushyigikiye ko kagame akomeza kumara abantu namwe aho bukera imiryango yanyu niyo itahiwe kuko ubundi kugirango ayo mashitani yizere ko uri umukozi wumvira kandi utazuyaza kwica abandi bantu nuko wemera kugira ibitambo bamwe mumuryango wawe.

iyo rero wamaze kwica cg kwicisha umugore wawe, umwana wawe, mukuru wawe, papa wawe cg mushiki wawe aho uba utagitinya kwica uwariwe wese abo bakozi ba shitani bagutumye.

Nimurebe iyi video maze nimuba muzi ubwenge kandi mugifite umutima wakimuntu murahita musubiza amaso inyuma maze mubone ko kagame atakiri umuntu nkabandi! yamaze kuba ishitani kandi igikomeye nuko nawe ayo mashitani azamumerera nabi namara gupfa!!!

ALINE (jeudi, 26 juillet 2012 20:31)

Kumoka kw’imbwa ntibibuza train gukomeza urugendo rwayo,Abanyarwanda twese tuzi icyerecyezo tuganamo(iterambere ,gukomeza inzira y’ubwiyunge n’amahoro arambye)kndi tuzi neza urikwisonga ryabyo!!vivez Paul Kagame!ibyo bigambo nibikura umutima abanyarwanda batazi abo muribo!mugerageze gushyira ubwenge kugihe!!

HYPERLINK « http://WW.YAHOO.COM » t « _blank » ALLY (jeudi, 26 juillet 2012)


HYPERLINK « » t « _blank » mboma (jeudi, 26 juillet 2012 19:39)

c’est le début du commencement paul kagame a oublié qu’il-est

africain et maintenant il doit payer tout ces crime qu’il commis au congo ,les sangs de 9000.000 de congolais qui ont trouver la mort réclament la tête de kagame

ROSE abahe? Yihangiye imirimo(ingurube) (jeudi, 26 juillet 2012 17:34)

Rose wacu yabaye Rwiyemeza mirimo.Uyu mudamu ufite amenyo maremare yanze gukwirwa mu kanwa ubu asigaye acuruza ingurube muri Butare hafi ya NYANZA.

Magorwa (jeudi, 26 juillet 2012 15:13)

Kagame ni uko ahubuka naho ubundi nawe siwe aba ari kukiraka. Mumbarize mushikiwacu aho rose kabuye aherereye. Naraye amajoro kumuhanda igihe bamufunga none simperutse agakuru ke! ROSE ABAHE?

Kamarampaka (jeudi, 26 juillet 2012 15:08)

no 16, Wigiwe ko Kagame ishyizeho itegeko Ryingenga bitecyerezo.rihana abahutu gusa.

kandi Kagame yashyizeho inkiko Gacaca,ari uburyo bwo kugabanya ingufu,numubare byabahutu.Kagameme yashyizeho Imitwe yo gukurikirana abantu hanze kubicyirayo no kubashyira kuma list yabakoze Genocide.hali nibindi

Umuhutu si umwanzi w’umututsi (jeudi, 26 juillet 2012 12:48)

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