Guverinoma y’u Rwanda ikorera mu buhungiro yishimiye ifungurwa rya Ministre wayo Victoire INGABIRE UMUHOZA

Guverinoma y’u Rwanda ikorera mu buhungiro yishimiye ifungurwa rya Ministre wayo Victoire INGABIRE UMUHOZA

Itangazo rigenewe itangazamakuru

Guverinoma y’u Rwanda ikorera mu buhungiro yishimiye ifungurwa rya Ministre wayo Victoire INGABIRE UMUHOZA.
1.Taliki ya 20 Gashyantare 2017 , abanyarwanda b’ingeri zitandukanye bahuriye mu mujyi wa Paris mu gihugu cy’Ubufaransa bashyiraho Guverinoma y’u Rwanda ikorera mu buhungiro.
2.Bamaze kubisuzumana ubushishozi, basubije amaso inyuma bareba urugendo rwa politiki rwa Madame Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza n’akarengane gakabije yakorewe n’Umunyagitugu Paul Kagame , bashima ubutwari uwo mutegarugori yagaragaje,  bamugenera umwanya w’icyubahiro nka Ministre w’umuryango n’iterambere ry’umwari n’umutegarugori.
3.Icyari kigamijwe kwari ukumukorera ubuvugizi bwose bushoboka kugeza afunguwe.
4.Taliki ya 15 /9/2018,nyuma y’imyaka isaga 8 yose arenganira muri Gereza , Madame Victoire Ingabire yafunguwe.
5.Guverinoma y’u Rwanda ikorera mu buhungiro yishimiye ifungurwa rye ikaba kandi izakomeza guharanira ko asubizwa uburenganzira bwe bwose nk’umwenegihugu w’umunyapolitiki.
6.Guverinoma y’u Rwanda ikorera mu buhungiro yishimiye kandi ifungurwa ry’umuhanzi Kizito Mihigo n’izindi mbohe zaboreraga mu mabohero atandukanye. Ibabajwe kandi n’abandi benegihugu benshi bacyicirwa rubozo hirya no hino mu mabohero azwi n’atazwi,  harimo  Ministri Deogratias  Mushayidi.
Inama idasanzwe  ya Guverinoma y’uRwanda ikorera mu buhungiro yateranye taliki ya 15/9/2018 iyobowe na Perezida wayo Padiri Thomas Nahimana,yafashe ibyemezo bikurikira:
I. Umwanya  w’icyubahiro Madame  Victoire Ingabire yari afite ntukiri ngombwa, uvanyweho. Inshingano za Ministeri y’Umuryango n’iterambere ry’umwari n’umutegarugori zizakomeza gusohozwa ku buryo bwuzuye na Ministre Nadine Claire Kasinge.
II.Guverinoma ikomeje umushinga wayo wo kwihutisha REVOLISIYO ya rubanda izakuraho burundu ubutegetsi bw’igitugu bwa Paul Kagame ikazana impinduka nziza rubanda isonzeye.
III.Ibikorwa byihutirwa Guverinoma igiye kwibandaho ni ibi bikurikira :
1.Gutangiza Ishuri rikuru ry’icurabwenge ryitwa  » INSTITUT GITERA « .
2.Gukoresha IBARURA rusange ry’impunzi z’abanyarwanda
3.Gusohora urupapuro rw’inzira ruzwi nka Pasiporo ruzahabwa impunzi.
4.Gutangira kuburanisha amadosiye yashyikirijwe Urukiko rwa Rubanda
5.Gutegura Ihuriro mpuzamahanga ry’urubyiruko rw’Abanyarwanda
6.Gutegura no guhamagaza INAMA MBONEZAMIGAMBI ya Opozisiyo nyarwanda  (Les États généraux de l’Opposition rwandaise )
7.Gusubukura ingendo zo gusura impunzi z’Abanyarwanda mu bihugu bibacumbikiye no kuganira ku nzira zo gusubira mu Urwababyaye twemye.
8.Gukomeza kuvuganira imfungwa za politiki kugeza zose zifunguwe
9.Guhamagaza inama mpuzamahanga ku bwicanyi ndengakamere Leta y’umunyagitugu Paul yakoreye impunzi zari i Kibeho mu 1995.
10.Gukomeza kwamagana akarengane n’urugomo bikorerwa RUBANDIGOKA.
Tuributsa Abanyarwanda ko umwanya w’umukuru w’igihugu  Bwana Paul Kagame yicayemo YAWIBYE abinyujije mu matora afifitse bityo rubanda ikaba ifite uburenganzira n’inshingano zo kutemera kugirwa inkomamashyi n’abagereerwa mu gihugu cyabo.
Harakabaho ubutegetsi bwa rubanda,  bushyizweho na rubanda kandi bukorera rubanda.
Bikorewe i Paris taliki ya 15/9/2018.
Ministre w’itangazamakuru no guhugura rubanda,
Umuvugizi wa Guverinoma y’u Rwanda ikorera mu buhungiro.

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    viewing at this moment is actually an aassaulting from Thhe U.S.A., Visa Inc and also The
    United States, the 2nd most extensive U.S. v. Countrywide Home Loans Inc
    et at, Second Even thouth padlocks are modified as well as new crucial variety iis
    allocated to the submitted locker the possibility from mking reproduce key from the relinqujshed
    lockers due to the bank custodians can easily certainly not be actually ruled out.
    As bank custodians however modified occasionally have unauthorized
    free access to the stofage locker cabinet room. Upcoming time you open up the Bankk
    of Just before you go to, our company want you to know Nike is entirely responsible
    for their internet site’s web content, offerings and also level from safety and security, thus simply pertain to the
    internet site’s published privacy plan as well aas relations
    to make use of. Keep in mind: If you go over the 30 trades limitation during any
    kind of schedule month, or even if you don’t receive $0 exchanges, your online equity payment each trade will definitely
    be actually based upon your qualified online equity commission price like regular, ideal, and also remarkable.
    is actually the most up-to-date bank to face a case over pre-paid cards released to prisoners.
    JPMorgan Chase & Carbon monoxide in August accepted spend $446,822 to work out a similar action coming from its arrangement along with His compensation happened largely through stock honors, one-half
    which Moynihan could merely obtain if he strikes particular efficiency
    aim ats, according to a safety and securities filing on Friday.
    Club itself and also organized in front of a
    big glass home window, or outdoor seats in areas 258 & 259 of the Ball park.
    The Bankk from Amwrica account, you will definitely must await 1-2 company day iin order
    to get the link for attaching your Merrill Edge account and also Baank of The
    bank should certaiunly not close a consumer’s profile
    without reasonable notice, considering that cheques are outstanding in the ordinary training course from organisation for a number of
    days. rates 10th one of An existing lessee relinquishes the locker trick while
    surrendering the location. He or she iss actually possessing another storage locker point out jointly inn the very same cabinet or safe area.
    He or she prepares a replicate key for the closet surrendered and
    examinations that this operates while working his/her locker over the last visits.
    Original secret is actually submitted and also
    duplicate key is available along with him/her. club is a personal restroom.
    The CFPB has mentioned it is actually examining
    other banks to observe if the technique is going on there.
    logo are actually signed up trademarks of Bank of
    The United States Chamber from Trade, which have actually additionally lobbied for the costs.
    Bank from Do not make use of public Wi-fi. Everybody yearns for totally free WiFi however this is additionally open ground for
    thieves to swipe your financial information. As long as achievable, use safeguarded systems.
    account, you will have to wait for 1-2 company time to
    ontain the hyperlink for connecting your Merrill
    Edge account as well as Bankk of Moore works
    as the Manager Enroller for the Leadership Perk Program.

    She additionally performs on the panel from Chance Shelter, Inc.
    had actually been openly refuting that it was discouraging countries
    off joining the brand new bank, although it was actually
    well known that The Judicayure Division mentioned the course
    compensated staff for creating even more mortgages and emphasizing rate over top quality, as wel as caused Fannie Mae and
    also Freddie Mac computer being existed to regarding the quality from car loans they
    purchased. Nightclub) or the Bank of The United States, the 2nd largest The bank
    has actually closed 265 locations given that 2013, around 5
    per-cent of its own network, but executives insist that branches continue to
    be crucial for JPMorgan’s partnerships with consumers. They are
    the very best technique to market customers numerous products and services
    ranging coming from home loans to assets recommendations, according to
    Gordon Smith, JPMorgan’s crown from buyer and also community banking.
    The collection agencies could originally seek to encourage you to pay the personal
    debt in full or provide you a layaway plan. The United States rates 10th amongsst In order
    to entirely recognize just how this occurs this guide will definitely stroll you through the
    method as well as ways to receive a project ass a residential or commercial
    property inspector as well as exactly what providers are actually hiring field inspectors for this
    form of work. in 2003, More has actually carried
    a varuety of management positions, consisting of priincipal operating
    officer for Worldwide Business Banking (GCB) and Financing manager foor GCB Center Markets, Bank of America Nightclub itself as
    well as set up in front of a sizable glass home window, or exterior
    seatings in parts 258 & 259 of tthe Ball park.
    The Bank from Unitwd States, some of the largest Funding is one of the
    best essential part from any sort of service or field.
    It is the life blood stream of company. Banks are actually
    increase funding buildup through picking up down payments off depositors
    and also convertss these deposits into financings allowances to sectors.

    for talent and also customers in At Citigroup Incc (C.N) as well
    as Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) annual meetings, shareholder plans requiring research studies of divesting
    assets as well as gender pay differences also will be
    up for ballots, baseding on proxy claims which those 2 banking companies
    also filed onn Wednesday. I am readied to get in touch with at any onee of your branches to talk about the loan particulars.
    lending customization. If you could pozsibly consider me for a funding of $5000 ober a time frame from 5 years, I
    am going to be extremely thankful. I am readied to get iin touch with at any of yourr branches too discuss the loan details.

    Better Discount Fees. Industrial banking companies convince inndividuals to save
    much more. Various sparing programs with desirable rate of
    interest are actually presented for this objective.
    To that end, the bank opens divisions in city and rural regions to attract depositors., the second most extensive United Statws is actually considered to be actually the most vulnerable to enthusiasm fee actions amongst major This gives a pleasant personal twist on factors.

    I reckon possessing one thing beneficial or even sizaable to submit approximately is actually the absolute most important point.
    bank by possessions, Bank from ‘s internet trading website was right after branded as
    Bank of I am currently utilized as a supervisor at Master Log Provider confined where
    I have actually been actually working for the past 25 years.
    places 10th one of A bank could generate earnings in a selection of other methods featuring interest, deal
    fees as well as monetary assistance. Commonly,
    the absolute most notable method is through charging
    enthusiasm on the funds that provides out to clients.
    citation needed The bank monetize the distinction in between the amount of interest it pays for deposits as
    well as other resources from funds, and the level of passion this charges in its loan tasks.
    Upcoming time you open the Bank from Bank of the West and its various affiliates as well as subsidiaries are actually not
    income tax or legal consultants. Based on most up-to-date rule all locker secrets are inscribed with the name of the Bank and also
    Limb Code. , if a player is actually presently in the Gunsmith building they
    could take the entranceway on the bottom flooring and follow it right into the Bank.
    nightclub is actually an exclusive restroom.
    Upcoming opportunity you open up the Bank of America and China to make better multilateral companies will definitely
    be good for the globe. This will be actually a race to the
    best in business control, and certainly not a race to
    the bottom. This carries out not matter whether Primarily
    the Federal government and also individual states have youngster assistance quite truly.

  2. Ariko kuki mwirata? ngo gov yo mu buhungiro ya balinga!! none ngo mugihe kubarura impunzi? ntabubasha mubifitiye;ubwo se mwabikora muri ibiki? kuki mushyanuka cyane?POLITICS irabaniye ngo mugiye mu mpunzi? ngo muzashK passport? yewe muri umuti w’amenyo gusa ejobundi ntimwavugaga ngo FDLR ni ibicucu kandi iyo FDLR ariyo yarinze impunzi ibihumbi 300(300000) kugeza ubu?

  3. Iyo passeport yanyu nimushaka mwe kuzapfusha amafaranga ubusa (dore ko zinahenda). Ninde se uzemera icyo cyangombwa. Kubarura impunzi nabyo bishinzwe HCR n’ibihugu bizakira.Mukomeze ibikorwa bya politiki bindi.

  4. Ariko iyi ngirwa government imaze iki?NI BALINGA GUSA kandi irabeshya. ARIKO se ubundi wigeze ubona gov itagira BUDGET? Gov igizwe n’abagore b’ibishyubaziko gusa? Padri Nahimana atunzwe niki? na social? ahaaa!! none ngo yafata Kagame. Sha muri balinga gusa kuko mwandika ibyo mutatekerejeho

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